Sunday, January 15, 2012

Balenciaga - Best of Boho Chic - SOLD

This is a 2006 Balenciaga "Day" bag (large, slouchy hobo) in the color Origan. This color is a soft, light olive that can function almost as a neutral. The leather is soft and distressed, and these bags are known for their light weight and "motorcycle" styling. Some of the tassels are split; this is normal for Balenciaga bags. I purchased this bag used a couple of years ago from an online consignment outlet. It *is* a genuine Balenciaga bag. The bag shows minimal wear that I can determine aside from the normal distressing,  and it comes with dustbag, mirror and some extra tassels.

Zippered main compartment has black cotton lining, and there is a zippered interior pocket as well as the exterior one you see (which is great for keys, cell phone).

The color is hard to get right in photos, but looks great with black, brown, navy, gray and also with brighter colors.  Did I mention how light these bags are??

Asking $500, plus shipping.  At this price, this bag will not last long. All sales are final, thanks.

If you are interested in this bag, please email me at unefemmecertainage (at) gmail (dot) com.


  1. Cher femme, I have received this bag and it is exactly as you have described it. I am tres heueux. New Owner.

  2. Cher Femme, I love la plus belle Balenciaga that I just received. This lovely bag will be hitting the road with me starting tomorrow. The two of us (moi et 'le bag') will be very, very happy together. Merci.

    BTW, I had been looking for a bag since early last summer and just couldn't find what I wanted. As you mentioned this is a neutal colour that will go very well with many items.

  3. I'm so happy you like it!! Thanks for letting me know!